In 1932 at the height of the depression, Walter Wagner told the owner of the carpentry firm he was working for, "You do not have any work for me, so there is no sense in paying me." Walter quit his job and started going door to door seeing if anyone need handyman or carpentry work done. Four generations later, handyman work is still part of our business.

• Delayed maintenance on a home ready to go on the market can cost you at the time of sale. We repair cracked mortar, water damaged or cracked walls or ceiling, separated baseboards, window repair or replacement.

• Handyman or small jobs.
• Fence repair or installation.
• Wood Decks and Patio covers.
• Mailbox repair or replacement.
• Interior or exterior door repair.
• Interior or exterior painting
• Doors not closing properly
• Touch-up painting
• Cracks in baseboards or crown molding
• Furniture repair and refinishing
• Weather stripping for lower utility bills
• Landscaping
• Power washing sidewalks and decks
Basically, our company can do all those little jobs your husband does not have time to do!

Selling your home? You want a Quick Sale for the Top Dollar.
Whether you are moving to a larger or smaller home, you want to get top dollar from your home sale. Do not let the need for cosmetic repairs cost you thousands of dollars on your sale price. Elegance in Wood can repair cracks in crown molding, ceilings, baseboards or doorframes, among other items. We can fix doors that are not closing correctly. Patch holes in walls and do touch up painting. There can be many little things that need to be corrected to return your house to showcase status.

Refinishing a solid wood gate.